in the field of GIS technologies

GIS consulting is mandatory for client organizations at the stage of adaptation of geographic information systems for specific needs, which can not be satisfied in any other way, except through live communication and demonstration of product functionality.

Get advice and practical help from experts in the field of geographic information technology, industry professionals, developers and our Partners at the design, actual creation and further use (support) stage:

  • find out how to get the most beneficial effect from the implementation of GIS;
  • develop a successful long-term plan for the functioning of the processes that are in the field of GIS product solutions;
  • simulate the expected result from the implementation of GIS and the management process using GIS;
  • find a solution that allows you to turn your ideas, needs and desires into clear strategic recommendations and constructive requirements for choosing the optimal function of the future GIS.

Together with the World Data Center for geoinformatics and sustainable development we are training GIS users at both the initial and professional levels by programs developed by Vancouver Island University (Canada). More detailed information is available at